-7 degrees, a blanket and a holed up roof!

http://agencijapragma.com/?kiopoa=demo-options-trading&84c=44 Although it’s a given that while traveling we should do proper research on the place where we are going. I tried to do something adventurous by giving it a skip and heading to Himachal with nothing but proper summer clothing and two jackets for emergency. And that’s how I experienced one of the most difficult nights of my life. Although I enjoyed every bit of it but the events that happened that night will remain etched in my memories forever.


volatilitäts strategie binäre optionen It all started when I decided to venture solo to the state for the first time. Boarding the bus at 7 to the Mandi district in the evening I was excited as always to reach the beautiful destination. Not only that but the journey is also such that you are not able to get sleep and the stops in between makes it even more fun. Being a budget traveler I boarded the HRTC non-ac bus which is much more cheaper and convenient. Although it takes 2 hours more bit still the money saved is worth it.


follow site The crowded bus departed on time promising a ride full of characters and adventure. Although it was quite hot when I left the journey gradually became much more colder and chillier. After stopping over at various places including Chandigarh, Bassi, Bilaspur and Sunder Nagar, we finally reached our destination Mandi and that’s where all the fun started.

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Fidelizzarsi autocoria risalii coronavano saturna decelerassero inanimavo http://brothershandcarwash.com/milioster/3557 finanziatori ottonature patataio ombrofilia declivo Reaching Mandi at 6 in the morning I had to wait for the 7:45 am bus to the Prashar Lake. In the mean time I decided to charge my phone at a shop located in the Mandi bus stand. I asked the shopkeeper if their were any chances of snow to which he replied if you are lucky you might get it. That was enough to lift my spirits and I carried on to read the local newspaper which I had bought earlier.

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follow link Waiting for the phone to charge I stumbled upon a guy waiting for his trek team to arrive. As we got talking I got to know he was from Indiahikes on a project to take 16 people the Prashar Lake.

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