The voyages of a solo traveller

Its 4 am and everyone around him is fast asleep. He sits still as he focuses his camera lens on the sun that’s just about to rise. The sky slowly changes its color – from deep blue to faint red. Rays of bright yellow start to decorate it further, revealing themselves discreetly, one stroke at a time.

Always a good idea to spend some good time at these shops
Always a good idea to spend some time at these shops

After a few seconds, he captures a perfect shot. Looking back at his camera, his face breaks into a smile. Staying up all night had finally paid off. Yet again, he had witnessed another breathtaking spectacle of nature.

It had been more than 6 hours since he had started his journey. He had no idea where he was going to head to. His only companion was his old backpack which carried his I-pod, some left-over pizza and a copy of “On the Road”.

He looked outside the window of the double decker bus. A herd of cattle grazed peacefully on the lush green fields as the mellow voice of tiny sparrows surrounded them. A thousand lights glittered back at him from the distant mountains. He could see a cluster of huts that probably sheltered travelers like him, that were now awake.

Suddenly, the bus came to a halt. As soon as he got off, a tea seller greeted him as he offered a steaming cup of ginger tea – “Welcome Sir! I hope that you have a great day.”

And within a few minutes of conversing with him, the wanderer felt like he was at home. His uncertainties seemed to disappear. He stopped worrying about his final destination. He marveled at the possibilities of everything that he could learn about the little town, the fellow backpackers that he would meet, the stories that he would take back with him, the memories that he would create.

His heart raced as intriguing thoughts filled his mind. He knew that he had made the right choice by boarding the rusted state bus 6 hours ago. Unlike all the other passengers, he didn’t feel tired or sleep deprived.

He gazed at the road that laid before him, with eyes that burnt with an untiring passion to discover the little joys of life. Something told him that it would lead him to exactly where he was meant to go. To people and places that were yet unheard of. To experiences that would change him forever.

He took a deep breath as he stepped forward, promising himself that he would never look back. He turned around one last time and waved at the tea seller, and then strolled ahead.

He had chosen his path, unaware of the surprises that he could encounter on his way.

A new quest awaited him.

His journey had begun.

11659317_10156158973595206_8870668081790360726_nThe article was submitted by Sania Budhraja a BBA grad learning Spanish and dreams of becoming a writer someday. For her, traveling has been the essence of life and she has been indulging in the same ever since her childhood days. Born in Iran and completing her higher education in India she now lives in Panama. If you liked this beautiful article then click on the link below to read more.

Traveling on a budget? Here are best hostels to stay in India

Backpacking is usually the term attached to people who like to travel on a budget. As adventurous and ambitious as it sounds, the travelers who stay on the road for more time than they spend time at home have to ration their resources and travel accordingly. It is always seen that however money you save for traveling for 2-3 months, it comes out less as there are many unplanned spending that leave the budget in tatters. However, India is a relatively cheaper for people coming from Europe and America but still the backpackers try and find the accommodation that could help them save money for future. If you are traveling on a budget of less than $20 or Rs 1000 a day then don’t worry here are some hostels for you. Here you will not only make good friends but also memories for a lifetime.

Zostel Manali

Although, you can't see it in the photograph, but the mountains in the background are covered in snow and it makes stay in Zostel Manali delightful.
Although, you can’t see it in the photograph, but the mountains in the background are covered in snow and it makes stay in Zostel Manali delightful.

Clearly one of the best Hostels in India, Zostel in Manali takes the cake for its awesome location and a staff that will make you feel like home. What makes the hostel even cooler is the naming of the rooms which goes like Rohtang, Hemkund, Kheerganga and Khardungla. Not only this, the hostel is located at the end of the earth overlooking great Himalayas and snow clad mountains. If you are lucky you can also witness the musical nights organised by the managers which are absolutely free and mind numbing. Last but not the least, don’t forget to play with the puppies named Frodo and Drogo while there.

Price Range: Rs 449- Rs 549

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Plunge into the World’s Most Awe-inspiring Valleys

From the magnificent mountains to the excellent valleys, the world is brimming with so much magnificence that if you think you’ve seen it all, you most certainly are wrong. Talking of mountains and valleys, these gorges are the most astonishing natural marvels which become even more exuberant at the peak of the spring time. With clouds brushing past the valley slopes, and the entire basin laced with multi-hued blooms, trees, and plantations of bizarre types, the valleys are the most scenic spots up in the mountains which cup the splendor of nature like nothing else. So let’s take a tour around the most gorgeous valleys around the world.

After going through the following rundown of the most breathtaking valleys around the world, even the most laziest, and non-traveller person would get motivated enough to book flights tickets online, and set out for these jaw-dropping natural laps of nature. These literally give you the right feel of “spending time in the lap of nature.” Here you go–

  1. Valley of Ten Peaks, Canada
Valley of Ten Peaks, Canada
Valley of Ten Peaks, Canada

A standout amongst the most stunning valleys of the world is the Ten Peaks which can be found inside a national park in Canada. It is encompassed by ten distinctive mountain tops, and even incorporates the Moraine Lake inside the national park itself. Earlier, these peaks were named number wise, ranging from one to ten, but recently, out of the ten, only three three have been named after remarkable people from across the world. You can reach this valley by taking up the road from the Moraine Lake. Even the drive to this spot is beautiful!

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